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Revival : Disaster Recovery Solution

C-DAC Revival Disaster Recovery product family consists of a variety of data replication and backup solutions to provide end-to-end disaster recovery for enterprise business applications. The product line is designed specifically based on the user's need for data replication depending on the business application architecture. C-DAC Revival DR products can be used to manage planned and unplanned outages, enabling 24x7 data availability for business. It provides long-term business continuity, continuous data availability, and customer satisfaction ensuring near zero data loss (RPO-Recovery Point Objective) and negligible Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for the business-critical data.

1. C-DAC Revival Block Replicator                                                                                                                                                                                 

C-DAC Revival Block Replicator is an end-to-end DR solution, best suited for database-intensive e-Gov and Business applications. C-DAC Revival makes use of synchronous and semi-synchronous replication to achieve optimal business continuity with zero recovery point objective (RPO) and negligible recovery time objective (RTO). It uses iSCSI over TCP/IP to provide block replication at remote sites. It is interoperable with legacy hardware systems including SAN boxes and works very well with database-based applications. 

Revival Block Replicator Products are 

  • Revival Sync: Real-time synchronous block replication over IP network from C-DAC Revival DC to C-DAC Revival DR located within 50 km to provide zero recovery point objective
  • Revival Semi-sync/Async: Real-time semi-synchronous block replication over IP network from C-DAC Revival DC to C-DAC Revival DR over WAN distances and provides negligible recovery point objective bounded by network delay. 
  • Revival Optimal DR: Combination of synchronous and semi-synchronous block replication over IP network with three tier architecture to provide zero recovery point objective over WAN.

2. Revival Flat-File Backup:

Revival flat-file backup is a platform-independent file-level replication/backup solution. The lightweight Revival agent captures the recent file-based transactions from the source and transfers them periodically to the destination. The data integrity check is maintained between source and destination to ensure data consistency. This  solution is best suited for various file-level data formats

3. Revival Active-Active Replicator: 

Revival active-active replicator is best suited for database-based applications having an active load at both primary and secondary sites. The near-distance active database data is bi-directionally replicated between primary and secondary sites using asynchronous mechanisms. Revival active-active replicator is also suitable for cross-platform database applications. The consistency check at both ends ensures data integrity.

4. Revival as a Service over the cloud

Revival as a service over the cloud is designed with a Revival DR agent to support multiple tenants in a service-oriented approach. It is a SaaS solution interoperable with various cloud architectures like VMware, Microsoft, OpenStack, Eucalyptus XCP-NG, etc. Similar to the Revival block replicator, Revival as a Service is also based on TCP/iSCSI protocol for block data replication at remote sites and is best suitable for database based applications.   

5. Revival DRM: Software web solution for DR management and monitoring: 

All of the above-mentioned Revival replication solutions are managed and monitored using a centralized DR management and monitoring web service application called C-DAC DRM. C-DAC DRM is designed to manage DR-related drill activities such as Normal copy, Reverse normal copy, Switchover, Switchback, Failover, Failback, Replication status,  Jobs, RPO and RTO status, etc. These activities are fully automated through C-DAC DRM. One can monitor the entire DR setup for their various DR deployments through centralized DRM. This reduces manual intervention which is often prone to human errors and helps in effortless monitoring of the entire DR setup. DRM provides report generation of the activities carried out and alert/notification for critical events via SMS and email. 


Use Cases
  • E-Governance applications
  • Small and Medium Business Applications
  • Data Centre Service Providers
Salient Features
  1. Patented & Award-Winning Solution.
  2. Efficient Network Utilization using WAN Optimization.
  3. Ensure Near Zero RPO &Negligible RTO.
  4. Bidirectional Replication &Recovery.
  5. Revival @RDBMS/ NoSQL Databases.
  6. Revival @Baremetal Hypervisors.
Technical Specifications

  • Revival Disaster Recovery product family uses a patented technology (Patent no: 321137) , award winning and indigenously developed replication  technology.
  • Supports Disaster Recovery for widely used databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB Replica set (with and without shards).
  • Revival Flat-file backup provides the replication and backup functionality for the unstructured data.   
  • Supports both forward (from Primary site to secondary site) and reverse (from secondary site to primary site) replication.
  • Ensures near zero RPO and negligible RTO, with single click DR drill operations usingRevival DRM.
  • Provides ordered data delivery of write operations.
  • Efficient network utilization using WAN optimization.
  • Eliminates vendor lock-in as Revival DR products are based on the open-source technology and provides interoperability with databases and hypervisors. 
  • Revival DRM facilitates various features like Role based access control (RBAC), Multi Factor authentication (MFA), Email alerts and notification.



Platform Required (if any)

  • The solution is deployable as all-in-one virtual instance or uses a cloud persistent model for database and storage. This solution is also deployable over Local Servers / Data Centers.
  • It reduced the cost of ICT infrastructure due to virtualization infrastructure in the cloud reducing the overall cost of the telemedicine network.
  • No need for extra network connection infrastructure as data is replicated over Ethernet.
  • Cost-effective solution with generic hardware and infrastructure requirements.


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