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SRISTI is a software system for 3D visualization of CT and MRI Images. It is DICOM compliant and supports STL file format for creating physical models of anatomical parts & prosthetic implants through rapid Prototyping process.

  • Works on Standard Hardware(Windows PC)
  • Multi-Planar reconstruction - Axial, Sagittal and Coronal.
  • Annotations & Measurements
  • Interactive 3D Model - Scaling, rotation, sectional views.
  • 3D surface rendering to create STL files for RP process

Use Cases

SRISTI provides a cost effective, professional alternative to expensive and highly restrictive workstations bundled with the CT or MRI machines with expensive licensing schemes and maintenance costs.

Salient Features

Multi Planar Reconstruction

SRISTI displays the image data in multiple views, each providing unique information. The original axial view, the coronal view, the sagittal view & the 3D view. The user can traverse through the slices in one view, and the corresponding plane is highlighted in the other two views
Built-in HPC Applications.


3D Modeling, STL file generation and Rapid Prototyping

The polygonal mesh models can be exported to STL, for surgical planning, simulation and rapid prototyping applications. Alongside is the virtual model and 1:1 physical model of a fractured pelvis done through rapid prototyping. These models can be used for object measurements and quantitative analysis, pre-surgical planning etc. Further using CAD tools, patient specific prosthetic implants can be designed.


3D reconstruction and Visualization

The software creates 3D surface and volume rendering for visualization. The user can customize the color of the rendered objects. The surface can be displayed as either a solid surface, or as a Wire Frame. SRISTI includes several visualization functions such as panning, zooming and rotating of the 3D view. Clipping functions, allows viewing inside a 3D object. 


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