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Smart Energy Meter

This product is designed for Smart Energy Metering for Indian Power Network. These energy meters are based on Indian standards and suitable for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and are compatible with Smart Grid Communication Technologies and supports Distributed Generation (DG).

Use Cases

For installation at consumer sites like homes, offices, factories etc
Domain: Energy metering

Salient Features

Forwarded metering / Net metering - To help consumers to get payment for the energy generated by them through solar power plants or other distributed generation methods
Open protocol (DLMS) Device Language Message specification, a generalized concept for abstract modeling of communication entities, used for meter communication 
Integrated communication module Configurable for GSM-GPRS/Wi-Fi, IrDA/Bluetooth
Remote firmware upgrades
Algorithms Contains algorithms for energy calculation and management, theft detection, data logging etc. Remote load connect / disconnect facility
Anti-tamper- Anti tamper and fraud detection will be done immediately
Security - Password protected user login and parameter settings

Technical Specifications

Connection Type : 2 wire (Single phase), 4 wire (Three phase) direct connection
Standards : IS 16444, IS 15959(1), IS 15959(2)
Metrology Accuracy : Class 1
Rated Current : For Single phase- Ib (Imax)A = 5(30)A , withstands 120% Imax. For three phase- Ib (Imax)A = 10(60)A, withstands 120% Imax
Rated Voltage : 240 V (-40% to +20%) Single Phase
Starting Current : 0.2% Ib\
Frequency : 50 Hz +-5%
Load Contactor : Latching relays
Display : LCD
LED indicators : Line, Tamper, Export, kWh
Communication port/methods : GSM-GPRS/WiFi
Communication protocol : DLMS COSEM



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