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Smart Farm System_V2.0 (SMARTFARM_V2.0 )

Automation of farms and poly houses, allows farmers to apply the right amount of water and fertilizers at the right time, right place and in right amount. The SMARTFARM_V2.0 can intelligently operate pumps / valves based on the data collected from the field and the crop specific pre-programs. Cost-effective and farmer friendly SMARTFARM_V2.0 addresses both economic and environmental issues that surround production agriculture today

SMARTFARM_V2.0 helps the farmers to plan irrigation and fertigation based on environmental and soil conditions. This System monitors and controls different farm parameters like soil moisture, pH, atmospheric temperature, humidity, CO2 etc. The farmers can configure the device for getting alerts of important field parameters or alarm conditions. These alerts can be in the form of pre-programmed SMS messages even when he is away from the farm. Situation based commands for controlling the agricultural field equipments from a remote location can be performed through mobile phones.

Market Opportunity

As high-tech farming is gaining importance, there is a wide scope for the Technology developed. The SMARTFARM_V2.0 is designed in such a way that it competes with the products of pioneers in agriculture automation in terms of the salient features and tops the above with respect to cost-effectiveness.

Communication Interfaces

  • IEEE 802.11b Wifi interface
  • Zigbee interface
  • GSM interface

    Field Signals

    Analogue Input 12 Nos.
    Analogue Output 2 Nos.
    Digital Input 12 Nos.
    Digital Output 24 Nos.

Salient Features
  • Monitoring and control of various agricultural parameters like Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Soil moisture, soil nutrients, Poly house shades etc using suitable sensors.
  • Hourly, daily, weekly monthly and yearly planner for irrigation and fertilization
  • Wireless data acquisition through wireless motes (LoRa)
  • External memory interface for Data logging and program feeding.
  • TFT Touch screen display for better farmer assistance
  • SMS messages to cell phone for providing situational awareness of the field parameters.
  • Remote control of agricultural field equipments through mobile phones.
  • Easy mountable compact design
  • Single 12V power supply operation
  • Configurable 20 parameter control
  • Manual, Auto, Timer and Remote mode of operation.
  • Embeds FreeRTOS
  • Almost any sensor can be interfaced
  • 5" TFT touch GUI interface

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