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VCU for Rolling Stock Application

VCU for Rolling Stock Application. Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) for 3 Phase Electric Locomotives as per IEC61375 - Train Communication Network (TCN) Standard

Use Cases
  • To supply individual VCU requirements from Railways, which can work with existing legacy 3 Phase Loco Control Systems
  • As part of the complete 3 Phase Loco Control System, which includes VCU, Main Converter and Auxiliary converter modules
Salient Features
  • For exporting power generated by Solar PV Array to grid
  • Domain: Grid Interface Solutions for Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants
  • The VCUs with open bus architecture that can address component obsolescence in future. CPU boards could be upgraded as and when the current CPUs become obsolete. I/Os and applications can remain the same. The physical location of VCUs and the connection points for theI/Os are maintained for legacy VCU replacement.
  • ISAGRAF GUI for the entry of rolling stock applications.
  • Visualization software tool to run on laptop/ standard PC to observe the process variables
  • Diagnostic software with analysis tool and Monitor software to upload the diagnostic memory to a standard PC / laptop PC
  • MVB and WTB controller as per IEC-61375 standard
  • CAN based interface for VCU IO systems
  • Network Management software

Software Features

  • QNX realtime RTOS
  • Supports ISaGRAF Graphical Programming
  • Train Communication network protocol
  • Configuration and monitoring tool for VCU
  • 3-Phase electric loco control simulator
Technical Specifications

C-DAC developed effective technology support systems for the VCU. These include PCB test jig, 3 Phase Loco control simulator for evaluation and integration of VCU with other sub systems at the manufactures site, debugging tool for commissioning at Railway premises, fault analysis tool etc.



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