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Wireless Charger

This indigenous wireless charger follows all the wireless charging standards and compliant to Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for providing 5-15 watts of power to small personal electronic devices primarily used to charge smartphones and other Qi-enabled devices.

It supports Type-C PD/QC/AFC adapters for input power.

Use Cases
  • All Qi-enabled devices like smartphones, Tablets, Wireless earbuds etc.
  • Suitable for automobiles like Wireless Car Charging pad.
  • Wireless Power Bank
Salient Features
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Fast Charging support
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Auto cut-off when device is fully charged to eliminate battery over heating
  • Over & Under Voltage protection
  • Over thermal protection
  • Multiple charging positions support: landscape, portrait or anywhere in between
  • Cable elimination
Technical Specifications

  • Qi 1.3.2 compliance
  • Robust ASK and FSK in-band communication between transmitter and receiver
  • Integrated FOD based on system parameters such as Q-factor, resonance frequency and power loss
  • Type-C PD/QC/AFC input with PD/QC/AFC compliance
  • Wide input voltage ranges from 4.5 V to 24 V
  • Integrated buck converter gate drive and control, operating at switching frequency of 400 kHz
  • Integrated gate drive for full-bridge inverter operating at 127.7 kHz switching frequency
  • MP-A11 coil with variable inverter input voltage control
  • Peak efficiency of greater than 83% at full load with Qi compliant phones and devices.



Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Dr. Sunita Prasad