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A Brain Machine Interface enabled Assistive System for children with special needs

The objective of the proposed work is to design, develop and deploy a Computational framework as a Brain Machine Interface enabled Assistive communication system for persons with special needs. It covers the aspects of thematic areas right from core research to multidisciplinary neuro-cognitive computing for medical science for betterment of life, as mentioned below:

  • The BMI command interface would be available in two forms – Standalone and Web-based interface.
  • It would support an audio integrated standalone system to cater the basic requirement of dependent persons like – requirement of food, change in posture and daily routine needs.
  • It would be enriched with a p300 odd-ball paradigm based BCI web browser with a speller of English and Devanagari Script support.
  • A BMI interface-based Alert / warning generation system would be developed to cater the emergency cases of such types of patients.
  • An assessment & validation procedure would be carried out in the form of training & workshop with the support of design paradigm prepared by domain experts considering targeted sample candidates on specific criteria.

Use Cases
  • Basic requirement of dependent children by mental imagery task
  • P300 based speller for locked-in persons
  • Mobile based communication for SoS alert
Salient Features
  • Indian language support
  • Web and mobile compatibility
  • Audio integrated standalone system
  • Assessment & validation by renowned domain experts

Chief Investigator Details

Naveen Kumar Jain, Sr. Director & Centre Head, C-DAC Delhi ,  nkjain@cdac.in