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A Multi-Model Neuro-Physiological Framework for Behaviour Analysis

The aim of the proposed work is to employ a Multimodal Neuro-Physiological framework by insider threats detection and interrogation on suspect for inner cordon security purpose. Creation of comprehensive primary dataset for Indian population with targeted modalities

Use Cases

It covers the objectives with design, development and technology demonstration of three major components, as mentioned:

  1. Neuro methods by EEG Brain signal analysis for Lie / abnormality / Malicious pattern detection.
  2. Multimodal fusion methods for stress, anomaly and suspicious behavior detection
  3. A dash-board as a data analytics, event-reporting and monitoring tool on web and mobile.
Salient Features
  • A modular architecture with the well balancing of cohesion and coupling will be formulated.
  • AI based Machine Learning and Deep learning approaches for prediction
  • A systematic plan for the development of a primary dataset as a by-product.
  • 100 Sample size for Multimodal Dataset collection of mentioned modalities
  • Neuro-Physiological model for the Human’s bio-signals like EEG, ECG and EOG.
  • Cognitive behavioral analysis like stress observation, eye/ gaze-tracking and postures.
  • Signal capturing for analyze, extract features, and classify to detect the activities.
  • A dashboard with mobile and web interface as a monitoring tool.

Chief Investigator Details

Naveen Kumar Jain, Sr. Director & Centre Head, C-DAC Delhi ,  nkjain@cdac.in