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Cyber Security Audit :Vulnerability and Penetration Testing at NERLDC Shillong, and Guwahati Office

The project involves performing infrastructure and web application security audit & vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VA-PT) in defined procedures & methodologies and based on ISO 27001 standard and other recognized national and international standards; and report the vulnerabilities, bugs, and security issues etc., identified during the audit process. Subsequently, the discovered and reported vulnerabilities have to be resolved and patched by network administrators and application developers under the guidance and instructions of NERLDC. C-DAC shall facilitate closing of gaps and findings during the audits and VA-PT tests at NERLDC.


Chief Investigator Details

Mr. Abhijit Das, Project Engineer, NetOps Group, C-DAC Silchar

Email: abhijitd@cdac.in / iss-sil@cdac.in

Phone: +91 03842-242009