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Design and Development of a Unified Blockchain Framework for offering National Blockchain Service and creation of Ecosystem

The objectives of the project are

  • To architect an unified Blockchain technology stack for rapid, end-to-end, secure, scalable and interoperable Blockchain based application development and deployment, for large scale adoption, supporting the following components:

    • Design Patterns based Smart Contract Templates

    • Addressing the performance and scalability concerns

    • Interoperability protocol across divergent platforms

    • Security at application and core layers of framework to achieve confidentiality, authenticity, data privacy, anonymity and validation of transactions.

    • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing tools, security assessment methodologies and guidelines.

  • Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Infrastructure

  • Accelerating adoption of Blockchain in Government

  • Organizing Capacity building programs and collaborating with startups.

Use Cases
  • Potential applications are Education Certificate Chain, Drug Logistics Supply Chain, GST Enforcement activities, State Excise Supply chain, Public Distribution System, Blood Bank, Government e-Marketplace (GeM), National Health Records, Electronics & Semiconductor supply chain, Trace & Track supply chain applications, Blockchain enabled Digilocker etc.
  • The project team will also explore the Blockchain relevance in other potential domains such as shipping industry, logistics industry, finance and so on and make the Infrastructure enabled for other Governments / Users.
Salient Features
  • Low code, user friendly Blockchain Application Development

  • Automated Network setup (Fabric & Sawtooth)

  • Support for NFT & Blockchain Oracles

  • Authentication, Authorization and Attributed Based Access Control

  • Generic Smart Contract Library, Design patterns & templates for Smart Contract

  • Development supporting multiple languages

  • Smart contract source code analysis

  • Indigenous Certification Authority (CA)

  • Indigenous Crypto modules for SSM and secure storage of Keys

  • Interoperability across platforms

  • Fine grained endorsement policy (Fabric)

  • Support for easy integration with National level value added services

  • Front-end API Gateway for easy integration of applications

  • Improved performance of smart contracts in Sawtooth

  • Guidelines and tools for improving transactions per second (tps) in Fabric

  • Methodology and services for end-to-end Security Assessment of Blockchain Applications

  • Support for Distributed File System

  • Easy deployment with Bring Your Own Infrastructure (BYOI) support


Chief Investigator Details

Name - P R Lakshmi Eswari

Email - prleswari@cdac.in