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Development & Implementation of Services eHealth Assistance and Teleconsultation (SeHAT)

Witnessing the immense impact and inroads created by eSanjeevani, the Ministry of Defense, Government of India desired to set up a telemedicine platform for serving personnel and their dependents. SeHATOPD: Services eHealth Assistance and Teleconsultation a telemedicine portal was jointly conceived by  the Integrated Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence, and Team eSanjeevani at C-DAC Mohali.

SeHATOPD enables remote medical consultations for defence personnel and their dependents. SeHATOPD is powered by eSanjeevani Telemedicine Technology and was launched by the Hon'ble Minister of Defense Shri Rajnath Singh on May 27, 2021. It is now being reinforced with a couple of additional innovative modules (namely, pharmacy and specialist modules) and workflows.

SeHATOPD of the MoD has been designed for all entitled personnel and families of tri-services. For the time being SeHATOPD is also serving ECHS beneficiaries. It aims to provide healthcare services to patients in their homes. Safe and structured video-based clinical consultations between a doctor in a hospital and a patient within the confines of his or her home have been enabled. SeHATOPD is a patient-to-doctor system where the patient can consult a doctor remotely through the internet. The consultation occurs through video, audio and chat at the same time.

Use Cases
  • Facilitating health care service to armed personnel located in rural or inaccessible areas.
  • Comprehensive reports enable better utilisation of human resources.
Salient Features
  • Cloud based real time free telemedicine system.
  • Modelled with telemedicine Practice Guidelines.
  • Emergency patients given priority in the patient queue.
  • Veterans placed first in the queue during consultation.
  • Serviced by Armed Forces Medical Services Doctors.
  • Generate ePrescription after teleconsultation.
  • Share prescriptions via email.
  • Sharing health records with doctors in real-time.
  • Medicine delivery at home.*
  • Pharmacy and specialist OPD module under development.


Technical Specifications

  • Registration of self (defence personnel) and dependents
  • Patient Record Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Physical Verification of the registration by AMA
  • Token Generation
  • Queue Management
  • Audio-Video Consultation with a Doctor
  • ePrescription generation
  • SMS/Email Notifications
  • Fully Configurable (no. of daily slots, no. of doctors/clinics, waiting room slots, consultation time limit etc.)
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Android & IOS Apps



Platform Required (if any)

The solution is deployable on a cloud-persistent model for database and storage.


  • A laptop/computer or a full-sized tablet with a camera, microphone, and speakers that can run the latest versions of browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge).
  • A working mobile phone number to send/receive OTPs by SMS.
  • Android (version 6 and above) mobile devices to support the SeHAT OPD Application.
  • For full motion color video conferencing - 2mbps Internet connectivity.


Chief Investigator Details

Dr. Sanjay Sood
Associate Director, Health Informatics & Electronics Division
eMail: spsood[at]cdac[dot]in
C-DAC, A-34, Phase VIII, Industrial Area, Mohali - 160071
Phone No.:  +91-172-6619000