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Development of Web-based Integrated Workflow System (iWS) for CARICOM Secretariat, Guyana.

iWS, a web-based, integrated Office Automation System with Enterprise Document and Content Management System, is a tailor-made, low cost workflow solution integrating the departments following the rules and norms of CARICOM in order to achieve automated office environment. The solution offers process re-engineering that are applied at various process levels wherever necessary ensuring accountability of uncompleted tasks. It significantly aims at improving the operational efficiency of the implementing organization by transitioning to a "Lass Paper Office". The solution is customizable, configurable and user friendly.



  • Enterprise Contact Management System
  • Enterprise Content Management System (Conference Services)
  • Digital Content Management System (Communication Unit)
  • Registry Receipt
  • Store and Inventory
  • Procurement Management System
  • Dispatch
  • Leave
  • Medical Claim
  • Car Requisition and Allocation
  • Legal
  • Travel Management System
  • Documentation Centre
  • Resource Mobilization & Technical Assistance (RMTA)
  • Enterprise Record Management System (Master Modules)

Salient Features
  • Role based access control allowing Workflow design with document approval system.
  • Modification of Workflow by authorized user.
  • In-built file tracking, performance monitoring throughout hierarchy, process status reporting.
  • Minimal data entry stations and master data management, user management.
  • Auto-generation of note-sheets, sanction letters, customized reports.
  • Generation of physical files on-the-fly from digital files.
  • Dash-board for Secretariat.
  • Audit Trail.
  • Disaster recovery and backup facility, etc.

Platform Required (if any)

Server Environment: Linux Operating System

Client Environment:  Windows 10 or higher with any Browser

Database: MySQL    

Web Server: Apache Tomcat Application Server


Chief Investigator Details

Mrs. Mina H. K. Desai 

Email: mina.desai@cdac.in