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Drug and Vaccine Distribution Management System (DVDMS)

  • It comprises of drugs and vaccine supply chain management that deals with purchase order and distribution of various drugs etc. Also helps for managing received issue, quality control, vaccines and drugs that are supplied to state under various disease control programs.
  • To implement a transparent system for procurement, storage and distribution of quality drugs, required for the hospitals at reasonable competitive price.
  • To ensure that the right beneficiaries receive the right drugs at the right time with ease.
  • To monitor the budget and drug consumption pattern.

DVDMS has been implemented across India including 5 states in North Eastern Region which is developed and maintain by CDAC Silchar.


  1. DVDMS Meghalaya.
  2. DVDMS Manipur.
  3. DVDMS Arunachal Pradesh.
  4. DVDMS Mizoram.
  5. DVDMS Nagaland


Chief Investigator Details

Mr. Y. Ranjan Singha, Joint Director, SWT Group, C-DAC CINE Silchar

Email: ranjan@cdac.in

Phn no: 8133029380