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Loan & Recovery Software

The Loan & Recovery Management MIS application is a web-enabled application implemented using Windows servers, server software, and .NET framework keeping in view the robustness and scalability required. The system also enables easy plug-in of services that could be added at a later stage. The presentation layer provides a browser-based interface developed using ASP.NET. The business layer, developed using C# implements the business logic of the application. Application-level security is maintained by identification authorization and access management. The database level security is maintained using logs and audit trails. The database is SQL Server. Techniques like ‘stored procedure’ are used for data manipulation. The database has a backup and recovery system. In order to overcome the constraints of rural connectivity, citizens’ comfort, and education level, the application shall be running in the citizen service centres (CSCs). Hence the citizens will have assistance from competent persons manning the specified CSCs.

Use Cases

Successfully Implemented and being used in Punjab Schedule Caste Land Development and Finance Corporation.

Salient Features
  • Application software automates the current manual system of granting Loans and recovery under various schemes.
  • Electronic movement of files between various roles.
  • The database is centrally located and can be accessed from any location of the department using Client Software.
  • Software provides automated calculation of interest, installments , penal interests, etc. as per the norms of the organisation.
  • Reports can be generated based on different search criteria based on user requirements.
  • Various validations for the client to check and authenticate the user-submitted data.
  • The time quantum speed in the queries reduces considerably. The system will provide features like selective search.
  • Updating & retrieval time reduces considerably.
  • Reliable & Safe.
  • Monthly summaries are automatically calculated by the system. This will save a considerable amount of time.
Platform Required (if any)

Windows server with ASP.NET and SQL Server.



Chief Investigator Details

Dr. Preeti Bali
Associate Director, Software Technologies Division
C-DAC, A-34, Phase VIII, Industrial Area, Mohali - 160071.
eMail: preeti[at]cdac[dot]in, mrunalini[at]cdac[dot]in
Tel: 0172-6619000