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Setting up of Cyber Forensics Laboratory Cum Training Lab, State of Arunachal Pradesh

Computer crime investigations are classified based on the type of evidence identified. This can be hard disks, pen drives, memory cards, mobile phones, network related information, GPS devices, CCTV and so forth. The hardware and software tools used at the lab will help the police personnel in conducting the cybercrime investigation and analysis as per accepted procedures. The project scope includes:

  • Identification of hardware and software tools for Cyber Forensics Lab and Training lab
  • Installation and commissioning of the Cyber Forensics tools at Cyber forensics lab
  • Providing product training on the installed tools
  • Providing maintenance and support during the warranty period.

The tools have been identified to cater for disk forensics, mobile forensics, network forensics, live forensics, DVR Analysis for digital forensics analysis lab and training lab.


Chief Investigator Details

Mr. Abhijit Das, Project Engineer, NetOps Group, C-DAC Silchar

Email: abhijitd@cdac.in / support-sil@cdac.in

Phone: +91 03842-242009