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Shaala Darpan – End to End School Management System

Shaala Darpan has laid the foundation for collaboration beyond class rooms, provided rich knowledge store of assignments and projects, enabled improvised connect among the various schools of the Samiti. Developed using Open Source technologies, it has resulted in an effective re-engineering of the Samiti’s workflow and contributed towards effective functioning of the system.

It is a single integrated platform for information sharing and knowledge dissemination. The system has been implemented in Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, India’s largest residential schools and is being implemented for Sainik Schools.

The system has the following pluggable components that can interact with each other:

  1. School Information and Management System for complete school automation
  2. Bilingual Content Management Portal for information dissemination
  3. Employee ERP to manage the day to day activities of all employees
  4. Budget & Finance management system
  5. Staff Attendance Management system
  6. Inventory & Store management system
  7. Hostel & Mess information system
  8. Analytical Dashboards

Shaala Darpan has been impactful in many different ways for Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti including:

  • Providing Unified, Dynamically Integrated, maintained view of NVS data
  • Providing increased visibility of student and institution achievements
  • A Link Industry and academia by way of Alumni portal
  • Improvised & Controlled information dissemination
  • Increased outreach
  • Navigation ease for end users
  • Increased organisation collaboration
  • A platform for Collaboration beyond classrooms
  • Rich Assignment and Project store
  • Analytical Dashboards to aid real time performance audit
  • Real-time alerts to safe guard missing children
  • Album of a child’s complete life in Navodaya Vidyalaya
  • Increased daily productivity
  • A transparent mirror between JNV Schools and Offices

Thus, Shaala Darpan is the foundation towards Informed Decision Making and Effective Management

Use Cases
  1. Any school that needs to automate its school operations for improved processes and better decision making.
  2. Any school/office that needs to automate its office operations.
Salient Features

The system is rich in features. A brief of the major features is given below:

  1. It helps in providing an IT enabled Collaborative Platform.
  2. It’s a robust, secure and easily extendible solution.
  3. Its plug and play components allows easy use and omission of modules.
  4. It provides Role Based Access to its users.
  5. It has provisions to have multiple centres.
  6. Rich Statistical and Analystical Dashboards for informed decision making.
  7. Portals are GIGW guidelines compliant.
  8. This system maintains an organogram of employees for defining access and authorisation hierarchies.
  9. The UI of the school information system is responsive for enabling access through any hand held devices.

Chief Investigator Details

Paras Nath Barwal