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Aadhaar Data Vault as a Service

Data protection and privacy have always been a concern for individuals when they're involved in the various electronic processes happening within the government structure. The existence of certain data always poses risks to the citizens' privacy, and most importantly, information that contains personal identity numbers. The Aadhaar number is one such identity for which its secure management while availing various Government services has always been a concern. 

Therefore, UIDAI mandates the secure storage of residents' Aadhaar numbers in a separate repository known as ‘Aadhaar Data Vault’. All government departments offering citizen services and using the Aadhaar number in their application workflows are required to use the Aadhaar Data Vault for secure management of Aadhaar numbers and related data.

By establishing Aadhaar Data Vault, the UIDAI aims to enhance the security and privacy of residents' Aadhaar information, thereby reinforcing the overall integrity and trustworthiness of the Aadhaar ecosystem.

Use Cases
  • The primary purpose of the Aadhaar Data Vault is to securely store residents' Aadhaar numbers.
  • Duplicate Check - Department can verify Aadhaar enrollment for schemes with other or within same departments.
Salient Features
  • Flexibility to choose unique or multiple reference key generations to refer to one Aadhaar Number.
  • Secure and seamless integration with the existing applications through REST API-based Aadhaar data vault service.
  • Enabled by FIPS 140-2 Certified device to manage Keys used for encryption and decryption.
  • Transaction statistics through a Dashboard.
  • Audit and Access logs.
  • Store your Aadhaar details for batch or individual transactions.
  • Logical Key Segregation in the HSM.
Technical Specifications

  • Open Source-based solution.
  • Seamless integration with applications.
  • Build on REST-based API calls.
  • Enabled by FIPS 140-2 Certified device to manage Keys used for encryption and decryption.



Platform Required (if any)

  • Integration libraries to integrate with ADV APIs are provided in Java, .Net, Python, and PHP.


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