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C-DAC focuses on advanced research in cyber security

Times of India
June 03, 2011

The Center of Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has focused on advanced researches in High Performance Computing (HPC) and cyber security. Major steps are being taken towards development of Petaflop computing machines in the next two years, said Rajat Moona, director general of C-DAC here on Thursday. He also said that C-DAC is developing new products and advance systems pertaining to language technology, office automation, embedded systems etc. which will be released soon.

Moona was addressing the media after taking over the charge of director general of C-DAC on June 1. He said, "C-DAC has proven itself as a strategic partner to several national initiatives towards taking the benefits of information communication technology to the masses and in addressing strategic requirements of the nation. C-DAC will continue its research activities in various fields for the next few years include super computing, computer security, VLSI design and operating systems."

Moona said, "C-DAC is working on several applications with more focus on HPC. Developing high speed Petaflop computing machines is a challenge and we expect to take major steps in this field in the next two years. The development of exaflop machines is a part of C-DAC's long vision, as well. However, it will take a span of at least 5 to 6 years to achieve this goal. At present, C-DAC is in touch with various organisations working in similar fields to assist us to take ahead the projects."

Elaborating on other initiatives, Moona said that efforts are underway to set up a malware research centre in Hyderabad to address issues pertaining to malware analysis and modeling of malware. Besides, C-DAC is also working on development of new products which are expected to be released soon." Moona further said, "C-DAC is completing 25 years next year. It will be a good time for introspection to analyse C-DAC's achievements and build upon strengths to reach greater heights. Some new initiatives and research plans are expected to be unveiled in the 25th year."