Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management System

Brief Description

This is an Electronic document management system that provides a repository for the documents. It is used to create, manage and track the documents thereby reducing the paper documents. It acts as an Archiver, a web/cloud based document management system. Maintenance and retrieval of Information from distributed sources such as scanned documents, emails, drafts, minutes, notings needs a "Knowledge Management Solution" that will allow for a solution that manages documents, Emails and digitized scanned documents. Since Indian office environments are using the local languages, it is necessary to retrieve the document with that language character codes. KMS provides OCR support for maximum Indian languages.

Main uses and domain

  • Can be used in Government Organizations, Defence Sectors, Private & Public Organizations
  • Digital Archival of paper documents with OCR support for maximum Indian languages.
  • Email Archival

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Unified Document Repository
  • Email archiving
  • Electronic Document Management (Text, HTML, MS-Word,MS-Excel, LibreOffice, PDF, images)Electronic Document Management (Text, HTML, MS-Word,MS-Excel, LibreOffice, PDF, images)
  • Automatic OCR processing - The current language of the document is passed to the corresponding OCR engine to increase the text recognition rate.
  • Securing document ownership based on roles and access methods.
  • Previews for many file formats - provides image preview generation for many popular file formats.
  • In-Built document Security to make documents tamper proof
  • Perform a search accurately based on filename, text and meta-data
  • Dynamic default values for meta-data. – Meta-data fields can have an initial value, which can be static or determined by a template code snippet provided by the user.
  • Dynamic Indexing
  • Full text searching - Documents can be searched by their text content, their meta-data or any other file attribute such as name, extension, etc.
  • Electronic signature verification - Check the authenticity of documents by verifying their embedded cryptographic signatures or upload detached signatures for document signed after they were stored.
  • Cost effective
  • Fine grained permissions system - There is a permission for every atomic operation performed by users.
  • Document versioning - Store many versions of the same document, download or revert to a previous version.
  • Automatic OCR processing - The task of transcribing text from documents via OCR can be distributed among several physical or virtual computers to decrease load and increase availability.
  • Workflows - Keep track of the state of documents, along with the log of the previous state changes
  • Note file tracking system with status and search facility.

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