Secure OS

Secure OS

Brief Description

BOSS Secure OS is a one stop solution for securing critical and data sensitive end nodes. It is mainly targeted for end nodes connected with internet and are airgapped network. The solution provides central policy management and log management in the end nodes from a Central Management server. The solution ensures that the end nodes are patched regularly for all updates and vulnerabilities as out of band patches. The Secure OS supports desktops , laptops , servers and wide variety of hardware peripherals.

Main uses and domain

  • Can be used in Government Organizations, Defence Sectors

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Supports dual-boot option
  • Hard disk encryption
  • Centralized Policy & Log Management
  • Policy violation alerts
  • Automatic patch update mechanism
  • Secure communication model
  • Conformance to Security standards
  • Blocking USB storage, bluetooth, Wifi
  • Supports Desktops, Laptops
  • Customizable for Linux compatible tablets
  • Cost Effective

Platform required(if any)


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