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GIST Visual Thesaurus represents thesaurus based word map for the entered word in interactive and easily explorable manner. Its unique and attractive graphical visualization of word map and word net makes it easy tool to use and increases the learning thrust. It allows the word inputting in Unicode for Indian languages. Currently Hindi and Gujarati are supported. It is targeted to one and all who want to replace an idea with a word and also to those who want to explore and learn language.

Say you have a word in your mind like सुर्य. This tool helps you to find the related word, synonyms. Its attractive representation will keep you engaged merely to explore and see the length of help it provides, so learning comes naturally and painlessly too.

Features :

  1. Attractive graphical representation of word map.
  2. Double click on any word to explore more.
  3. Unicode based inputting (through language pack)
  4. Web based tool currently available with IE(6+) only.
  5. Supports Hindi and Gujarati.
  6. Auto completion facility.
  7. No software installation required [One time download of JRE if it isn't there].

Use : With Gist Visual Thesaurus you can . . .

  1. Find the right word: Its rich thesaurus enables you to find the correct word. Now find the word you want and all the related meaning.
  2. Develop a better vocabulary: With rich help provided by tool, enhance and enrich your vocabulary.
  3. Visualize and browse word in 2D: Double click any word to explore, drag it to have close look.
  4. Perform domain identification: Know about the different domains to which a particular word belong to.

Tools and technologies used :

  1. Servlet: Provides the server support.
  2. Applet: Provides all the required graphical representation and interactivity.
  3. Thesaurus Dictionary: Rich thesaurus dictionary for Hindi and Gujarati.