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The HPCC software suite of products includes high performance compilers, parallel debuggers, data visualisers and performance profilers. High performance communication protocols and efficient MPI implementation provide the correct framework to extract maximum performance.

The HPCC software consists of

Standards Adherence

C-DAC's HPCC software follows established standards to minimize learning time and maximize ease-of-use. Most commands use familiar UNIX syntax. HPCC software graphical user interfaces comply with Motif or Java style standards. HPCC's implementation of the MPI standard closely follows the published standard and allows programmers to write portable parallel applications which run on the PARAM systems and other cluster systems supporting the standard.


C-MPI Optimized implementation of MPI for Cluster of Multi Processors (CLUMPS). Both point-to-point and collective calls have been optimized. Effectively uses both shared and distributed memory of CLUMPS.
C-PFS Parallel File System Provides MPI-IO file system interface to parallel applications
KSHIPRA Scalable Communication substrate layered over PARAMNet and Gigabit Ethernet for UNIX clusters
F90IDE Integrated Development Environment for Fortran 77/90 that includes compiler, debugger, profiler, source code browser and Fortran 77 to F90 convertor.
PCF90 An automatic parallelizing compiler for Fortran for SMP based architecture.
DIViA Parallel program correctness and performance debugger. Detects communication bottlenecks and supports message debugging.
PARMON Cluster monitoring tool. Monitors the cluster as a unified resource. Provides Web Interface for monitoring over internet.
RMS Resource Management Software for effective load balancing and load scheduling on clusters.
PARCOM Parallel Unix Commands. Provides parallel extensions to traditional UNIX commands.
MetricAdvisor Software engineering tool for metrics. Evaluates Halstead, McCabe, Complexity Density,Fan-in and Fan-out metrics.


Supported Hardware Workstation Clusters
Supported Operating System AIX, Solaris and Linux
User Interfaces GUI
Supported Languages Fortran 77/90, C
Prerequisite softwares Java, X/Motif
Prerequisite hardware for base software PARAMNet, Gigabit Ethernet

Key features of HPCC software