SECG - Computational Structural Mechanics


Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) in the recent years emerged as an important discipline that requires increased computing power and accurate modeling. It is regarded as a part of the Grand challenge application that requires TeraFlop capabilities. The rapid advent in the techno-scientific research related to high resolution downscaling / forecasting of the weather in the last few decades has led to the development of complex mathematical models for several spatio-temporal scales of evolution of the atmosphere. To keep abreast of the latest developments in forecasting capabilities and to establish a self-reliant base, C-DAC has initiated a wide range of computational earth projects using the PARAM series of super computers. The Computational Atmospheric Sciences (CES) group is engaged in the application of HPC to Atmospheric, Oceanic and Environmental Sciences. CES is involved in research and technology by providing a complete computational environment, modeling and simulation services, data analysis/ processing tools and HPC related skilled manpower resource.

The computational Earth Sciences (CES) Group is engaged in the following research and development activities.