PAVS - PHP Application Vulnerability Scanner

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PAVS - PHP Application Vulnerability Scanner

PAVS is a static source code analyser tool for scanning vulnerabilities in PHP web applications. This targets cross-site scripting, SQL injection, file manipulation, command injection and code evaluation related vulnerabilities in PHP based web applications. And it checks these vulnerabilities against user input & file and database related functions. And it also checks the loop holes in PHP configuration file. A detailed report on the vulnerabilities present in the source code is generated in the PDF format.

Fig 1: Screenshot of PAVS Application

Features :

  1. Detects vulnerabilities related to popular attacks.
  2. Lists the loop holes of PHP configuration settings.
  3. Impressive report on identified vulnerabilities.
  4. Saved report in pdf for further verification.

Click here to download the PAVS Brochure ( File Format : PDF )