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C-DAC's Tera-Scale Supercomputing Facility (CTSF) houses the PARAM Padma - the most powerful supercomputer in India and C-DAC's next generation high performance scalable computing cluster with a peak computing power of one Teraflop. Located at the plush environs of C-DAC Knowledge Park in Bangalore, the CTSF is equipped to operate as a highly available computing facility with dedicated captive power generation of (2 x 200 KVA) of Uninterrupted Power Supply. The machine area of 1800 sq. ft. concealed as an aquarium is precision air-conditioned to maintain a temperature of 18± 2 Degree Celsius and relative humidity within 15 - 80%. Click on the links below to learn more about CTSF:


Latest: PARAM Padma in Top500
PARAM Padma in Top500

Top 500 Certificate
TOP 500 Certificate