PARAMNet-3 packet routing switch: ANVAY


The modular, 48-port packet routing switch 'Anvay' is provides a near wire speed (10Gbps) packet routing capability with very low latencies. Anvay switch is based on Spider Line Card and Backplane subsystems. Each line card support up to eight ports, with each port working at 10Gbps, full duplex speeds. A fully populated switch supports approximately 1 Terabits/second of aggregate system throughput. The switch supports multi-level switching, allowing cascading of switches for supporting larger clusters.


PARAMNet-3 packet routing switch: ANVAY
  • Modular solution supporting 8 -> 48 ports
  • Each port supporting 10 Gbps, full duplex over CX-4 cables
  • Interval labelling based packet routing
  • Wormhole routing for reducing latency
  • 32Kbyte (ingress) and 16 Kbytes (egress) packet buffers
  • Near neighbour communication using dedicated communication path
  • Port to port latency < 2 usec
  • Near wire speed performance (1.1 GByte/sec per port)
  • Pause/Resume based flow control with back pressure
  • Packet payloads up to 4KBytes
  • Support for unicast and broadcast
  • Fully manageable over LAN and RS232

Switch Architecture

Switch Architecture

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