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e-Vigyanshala (Virtual Lab for Life Science experiments for students of Class XI & XII)

e-Vigyanshala is a Virtual Lab for Life Science experiments for students and teachers of Class XI and XII. It is an online software consisting of various Audio, Video, interactive Animations and Audio narration for depicting the scientific experiments that are taught in Class XI and XII.

Emphasis has been given to the content and its presentation in VLLS. The content is written in such a manner that students can easily understand and assimilate the teachable concepts of a particular experiment. The experiments are relatively depicted and crisply explained. Step by step explanation of each and every experiment is done through content, audio and high quality video and interactive animation. Through interactive animations students can by themselves practice the procedures for performing the experiments.

These experiments are also depicted through high quality visuals (videos) to help the students in understanding and assimilating the easy, correct and complete procedures of the experiments. Also, separate sections have been dedicated to Exercises and Viva-Voce wherein students can practice and evaluate themselves. This gives a glimpse of the types of questions that would most probably be asked during the actual practical examinations.

Seamless integration allows users to continue their interrupted learning process on both mobile handsets and personal computers. Smooth Navigation is provided in the software through the Context sensitive menu allowing the users to jump between different sections or units of the experiments.

A utility has been provided for users of the software to interact with various other (like-minded) users through the Discussion forum taking the discussion to new level. Incorporation of Expert advice is another major feature of the software.


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