Ganitmitra (Math Prep Guide)

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Ganitmitra (Math Prep Guide)

Ganitmitra - the Math Prep Guide [MPG] application for Class XI and XII. Ganitmitra would assist these students to sharpen their Math skills and guide them in their preparations for competitive / entrance examinations where Math is a subject for testing skills. Ganitmitra is developed on internet as well as seamless integration with mobile platform. The application is intended to aid and guide the students with simple tricks; techniques and strategies at solve the Math problems.

The entire content is written by mathematics experts to help the students to easily understand and assimilate the concepts of mathematics topics. Entire content is depicted with the help of voice-over narration to grasp the topic quickly and easily. The mathematic problems are explained in the step-by-step process. The application prompts for Hints when students make mistakes while solving the questions. The facility of self evaluation is provided in the form of MCQs for the students to evaluate themselves. Collection of Tricks is made available in the Trick book. Easy flow and smooth navigation is provided to the users for traversing different units of their choice. Other features like the discussion forum, posting a subject query to the expert add more utility to the software. The power of seamless integration allows user to continue their studies across the mobile and PC (Internet) platforms.

Main feature of the application is predictive search where user is provided with the list of the word matching to request and can select the exact word which user is looking for.


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