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The Complete Indian language software

leap offLEAP Office 2000 is a complete Indian language software for office applications. It has been developed in collaboration with Mithi.com Pvt. Ltd (earlier Men at Work) This is the most advanced package in LEAP range of products.

LEAP Office 2000 has a number of features to make the use of Indian languages extremely easy. It provides a number of tools to increase the efficiency of the user. These include multilingual Spellchecker, keyboard shortcuts, search and replace, online keyboard and official language dictionaries.

New technologies like the Internet have been well adopted by LEAP Office 2000. It incorporates the facility to send an Indian language e-mail without going to a separate editor. Creating WebPages using LEAP Office 2000 is as simple as creating any other document.

Language intelligence is inbuilt into LEAP Office 2000 at many fronts such that at any given instance it is possible to know in which language the user is working. The multilingual Spellchecker takes an intelligent decision to check the spellings of the text as per the language. The official language dictionaries come handy for official language terminology.

Some of the salient features:

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