Speech-to-Speech MAT based Dialogue System from Hindi to Indian Languages

CDAC, Kolkata is a member of the PAN-CDAC Speech-to-Speech (S2S) consortia mode project working on the Bangla-Hindi and Hindi-Bangla language pair. The Language processing team is working in the Project named "Speech-to-Speech MAT based Dialogue System from Hindi to Indian Languages [Hindi-English, Hindi-Bangla, Hindi-Punjabi, Hindi-Malayalam] for Education & Tourism domain".

CDAC, Kolkata has a dedicated team comprising of engineers and linguists who work on Machine Aided Translation system based on AnglaBharati Technology. As an attempt to narrow down the digital divide, our primary focus is to provide translation aids in Indian languages with special attention to Bangla and other North Indian Languages.

Universal Speech Translation Advanced Research Consortium(USTAR)

System Features :

  • The Universal Speech Translation Advanced Research Consortium (http://www.ustar-consortium.com/) is an international research consortium conducting research and development on a network-based speech-to-speech translation (S2ST) system, with the aim of breaking the language barriers of the world. U-STAR has developed a speech translation app using this network-based S2ST system, which help multiple users (up to 5) to communicate in different languages, in real time either face to face or remotely. CDAC, Kolkata as a member is assigned the job to incorporate Bangla as a language in the USTAR S2S translation system.
  • The application contributes to overcome the barriers of languages as well as communication modalities. For instance; it helps users to communicate with the visually-impaired via spoken word, or with the hearing-impaired via text input. This application mainly targets the field of travel-related conversations at airports, hotels, shops, and restaurants. The application covers a total of 31 Asian and World languages.