Bi-lingual (Bangla – Indian English) Text to Speech Synthesis System

Brief Description

Text-to-Speech software (TTS) is a process of converting text into natural sounding speech for disbursement of information. Text-to-Speech" software (TTS) is primarily aimed for the visually challenged people of the society, but now it proves to be helpful for the barely literate people of the society also. A large population of farmers and rural population mostly belong to this category. Most of their problems can be solved by digital means reading aloud information which is in text form

The likely end users are:

  • Government Institution
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Electronic and Social Media
  • Communication Industry
  • Transport Industry

Main uses and domain

  • Farmer query system where the solution is send in form of voice SMS over the mobile phone
  • E-learning solutions by generating audio books for school children specially for those who are visually challenged
  • Healthcare informatics for spreading awareness among common mass
  • E-governance for reaching the benefits to the grass root level
  • Public announcement system
  • Social Media for listening the post written in local language

Features and Technical Specifications

  • It can handle both English and Bangla text simultaneously
  • Tonal quality of the synthesized voice remains same across the language
  • It can be easily customized for other Indian languages
  • Currently available in form of web service
  • Can be available in form of plugin

Platform required(if any)

As it works on Client-Server mode, there is no dependency at client side Server works on Linux environment

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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Shri Arup Saha , CDAC, Kolkata
E-mail: arup[dot]saha[at]cdac[dot]in