Pravachak Rajbhasha (Text - to - Speech)

Pravachak-Rajbhasha is a Hindi Text-to-Speech (TTS/Speech synthesis) system developed by Applied AI group, C-DAC, Pune with support of Department of Official Language (DOL), New Delhi. It transforms Hindi text (UNICODE) into Hindi speech. Pravachak-Rajbhasha has a facility of reading the selected Hindi (Unicode) text from a web page or a text/doc file.

Salient Features:

  • Pravachak-Rajbhasha is a UNICODE Compatible system
  • Available in three application mode: Web Narrator, e-Reader and e-Mail reader
  • Equipped to read content from the web, e-mails (Microsoft outlook 1997-2007) and standalone document
  • Equipped to read content from the web, e-mails (Microsoft outlook 1997-2007) and standalone document
  • Intelligent system to identify the variation in spelling and pronunciation
  • Facility provided to change the play speed and volume
  • Support standalone documents like MS word files, Text files, html files
  • Facility of Virtual keyboard has been provided in Web Narrator, e-Reader and e-Mail reader for typing in Phonetic, Inscript and Remington

The Text-to-Speech engine, PRAVACHAK-RAJBHASHA, comprises the following three applications:

Web Narrator

The web narrator is equipped to narrate the content of a web page (in Devnagari script) selected by the user. The user has the liberty of listening to the narration at the desired pace as he/ she can alter the pace of utterance using the Speed button.


Devnagari documents stored in a system can be narrated by using this tool. E-Reader can narrate the following file formats - .txt file, .doc file, .docx file, .rtf file, .ppt file, .xls file or .xlsx file.

E-Reader provides the user with the liberty of making the system read-out an already existing file or user can type the desired text.


This tool enables the user to make the system read-out the contents of e-mail in Devnagari script. It can be used to narrate the e-mail messages of ‘Microsoft Outlook’.

On Screen Keyboard

Pravachak-Rajbhasha has a user friendly option for those who are not comfortable typing Hindi. It has a select-and-type on-screen keyboard in all its applications. There are three options:

  • Inscript Keyboard
  • Phonetic Keyboard
  • Remington Keyboard

Download Information of Pravachak-Rajbhasha

Pravachak-Rajbhasha can be downloaded from the URL:


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