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"Shruti Drishti" is an Integrated Text-to-Speech [TTS] & Text-to-Braille [TTB] System for the Visually Impaired using the Information Extraction and Retrieval techniques. Shruti Drishti is a web page browser developed for visually impaired users is considered to provide user-friendly environment, sharing and strengthening of global knowledge by removing barriers and providing equitable access to information through speech and Braille assistive technologies. The system enables visually impaired to browse internet using minimum key combinations.

Shruti Drishti has an option of presenting the displayed information in a speech mode using a speech synthesizer or in the Braille format. The speech mode of information representation provides descriptive information available on web page, including links, text etc. It is keyboard event driven and provides 'keyboard only' accessibility using a minimal set of keys. It also provides a large text window for partially sighted users and a standard web page browser to enable users to work together with sighted workers. Shruti Drishti is a combination of Text to Speech [TTS] & Text to Braille [TTB] application - to provide high-value integrated Web Browsing through listening anytime, anyplace.


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Indo-ASEAN seminar Held on January 18-19, 2007, which was organized by C-DAC and ASEAN Secretariat. The Indo-ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) Seminar aimed at providing a platform for the Indian and the ASEAN community to explore the feasibility and usability of the Shruti Drishti software for their respective organizations / countries. The event served as a forum for experts from India and ASEAN to exchange experiences and ideas on assistive technologies.


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