System Activation through voice command on Mobile

System Activation through voice command on Mobile

This is a software system which aims to assist women, children and aged persons in case of emergency. The Application gets activated through Voice Command/Push Button and further sends distress alerts to pre-registered numbers via SMS and voice calls.

It is an Android Application developed for Smart phone, Smart watch and Tablets. It works on Android version 2.3.6 onwards.


Salient Features:

  • A Hindi ASR is developed for a set of vocabulary adapting PocketSphinx library.
  • Currently, the system is trained with 12 common keywords which are usually uttered by a person when he/she is in distress alongwith 2 unique keywords
  • An Acoustic Model has been developed where voice recording of 51 speakers each (22 Male, 29 Female) has been carried out
  • The recording also includes speaker’s emotions while a person is in distress situation
  • The recording is done in .wav file format; 8 KHz & 16KHz sampling freq.; 16 bit Mono type in office environment
  • Voice calling feature is also implemented the to the pre-registered numbers alongwith sending distress alert SMS
  • ASR is developed as a service which runs all the time and a recorder records every minute spoken words. If a word uttered matches with the list of keywords in order to detect a distress situation, immediately the system is triggered, a distress SMS alert is sent to pre-registered numbers alongwith voice call. Else, if no word matches with the keyword, the entire recording of a minute is deleted and the recorder starts new recording from the next second. This process is repeated until the ASR service is stopped
  • Once the system is activated through voice command, first the distress SMS and then voice call is sent to pre-registered numbers. If the first receiver doesn’t receive the call then it is redirected to the next receiver and in this way the call goes till the last receiver. Even if the first receiver receives the call and ends it, then also the call goes to each receiver one by one
  • The size of the overall Application is around 20MB


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