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Intelligence Video Surveillance & Video Analytics System (IVSVAS)

The System performs fire and smoke detection on CCTV video feeds. Many fire accidents occur in our surroundings due to the absence of humans in the right place at the right time. If any fire and smoke event happens in the CCTV video, the system will detect its presence and do immediate reporting. The system also processes the CCTV feeds for crowd analytics and detects any crowd abnormality in the view of the CCTV camera. The system uses the latest AI/ML algorithms for Video processing. The components of Fire, smoke, and abnormal crowd detection are integrated with a web portal for continuous monitoring in real-time.

Use Cases
  • Software system processes existing CCTV feeds for fire & smoke events

  • The system supports multiple cameras for Analytics for fire and smoke detection.

  • The system also supports crowd analytics and detects abnormal crowd events.

  • The system provides alerts in the form of email and SMS.

  • Uses state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms for video processing

  • The web portal is available to monitor the processed video feeds and also includes various features including camera integration, deletions, Viewing detected events, and stored videos.

  • The system covers a large area economically.

Salient Features
  • Detects invisible products of combustion. It can detect fire that are in incipient stage or detect other aerosol-type smoke products.

  • Quick Acting- -Provides for earlier detection than other types of smoke detectors and fire detectors.

  • Abnormal crowd behavior can be detected easily with a system based on CCTV videos.

  • Event videos are reported to the database for future reference.

  • Web-based portal is also used for continuous monitoring of the system.

  • Camera integration feasibility through the web portal.

  • Email and SMS notifications for detected events.

  • Cover a large area economically.

Platform Required (if any)


  • Intel Core i5 ,8th Generation equivalent or higher

  • RAM: The minimum requirements is 16 GB

  • Storage/HDD: Minimum requirements in 1 TB HDD

  • Nvidia Graphics card / GPU Processor (recommended)

  • OS: Linux Ubuntu 20.04 or higher

  • Supports CCTV Cameras resolution 2 MP to 6 MP

  • Network connection to camera and server


Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Ms Mannem Sri Nishma,

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