eSangam : eGovernance Services Integration Framework

Brief Description:

An Integrated Mission Mode Project (MMP) under NeGP, eSangam is SOA-based constellation of National and State e-Governance Service Delivery Gateways with an objective to provide a standardized interfacing and seamless message exchange among various government portals as front-end service access providers, back-end service providing departments and domain gateways.

Main uses and domain :

(e-governance Domain) eSangam enables seamless integration of department applications and provides a framework for single point delivery of eGovernance services of services delivered by hetrogeneous departments.

Features and Technical Specifications:

  • DE-couple front end from business logic of application.
  • Based on Open Platform, Open Standards and No vendor lock-in.
  • Provides Support for Multiple protocols for service integration.
    • IIP/IIS-already operational.
    • SOAP, REST, HTTP, etc. to be operational soon under phase II.
  • Support for synchronous as well as asynchronous mode of message exchange.
  • Message delivery to departments after proper authentication and authorization.
  • XML signature support and communication over 'two-way SSL' enables secure message exchange between department applications.
  • Business Continuity with zero data loss achieved through own Disaster Recovery Solution and Revival DR Solution.
  • Uniquely designed architecture of Central & State gateways and National Service Directory (NSD) providing service discovery and service lookup, enables inter-gateway communication for message exchange.
  • IDE for Connector creation and support for Centralized connector hosting in eSangam environment.
  • Web Interface for self registration, service registration, service access requests and approval and to define workflows.
  • In-built Workflow management feature providing support for long running asynchronous workflows to support joined up service delivery.
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (ISMS) compliant.

Platform required (if any):

  • No requirement of platform since Gateway Infrastructure already deployed and ready for integration.

Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information:

    • Shri Deepak Sharma(dsharma[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in), Director(e-Gov)
    1. Saurabh Kushwaha(saurabh[at]cdac[dot]in), Principal Technical Officer
    2. Nipun Pandey(nipun[at]cdac[dot]in), Senior Technical Officer