Brief Description:
MeghSikshak is an advanced LMS which provides flexibility for customization, scalability  and high availability for offering various e-learning services with out the need for hardware and software resources at end user premises.
It can be used for offering online courses to students and also for training purpose.
Megh-Sikshak is successfully implemented at SVP National Police Academy(SVPNPA) Hyderabad and Maharashtra Police Academy(MPA), Nashik for training law enforcement agencies and police officers. Also, it is being used for training government officials as part of ISEA project.

Features and Technical Specifications:

1. Online registration & approval.
2. Single sign on facility for login using Google as well as Facebook accounts.
3. HTML5 compliance.
4. Easy upload of course contents namely HTML, PDF, videos etc.
5. Time bound access to online courses.
6. Necessary user reports generation for instructor and learner.
7. Assessment using single choice, multiple choice, true or false etc.
8. Notifications through email at desired check points.
9. Unicode standard based Indian languages support.
10. Certification generation.
11. Multi tenancy support.
12. Customizable graphical user interface as per organization/institution needs.

Platform required(if any):

1. Its a web based software.
2. Learners can use a browser for accessing e-learning software.
3. Megh-Sikshak can be hosted on any server or cloud infrastructure.