MySikshak (personalized e-Learning framework)

MySikshak (personalized e-Learning framework)

MySikshak (personalized e-Learning framework) which extends the learning environment with personalized e-Learning services assisted by instructor through web. It mainly focuses on needs and aspirations of individual learners. This model recognizes that every student is an individual, with a distinct learning style, learning pace, learning path, and learning aspiration. It is also dedicated for building individualized learning programs whose intent is to engage learner continuously in the learning process in the most productive way to optimize learner’s learning potential and success

Salient Features

  • Interoperable Services
  • Standards Compliant
  • User interface with rich interaction
  • Intelligent filter mechanism to group the learners
  • Collaborative activity/course building environment for Instructors
  • User interface with rich interaction
  • Platform independent

Services provided by MySikshak:

User Registration

  • Online registration
  • Updating user profile
  • Necessary user reports for instructor and learner
  • Provides the learning style
  • Request for a course

Course Organizer

  • Add and Delete courses
  • Folder hierarchy based conversion into SCORM compliant standard course
  • Collaboration among the instructor to upload the content into the course Learners’ Information in dashboard
  • Dashboard provides assistance to instructor in analyzing the learning styles of the student cluster
  • Cluster management tool provides the facility of creating/deleting/ modifying the student clusters and their corresponding characteristics

Learning Path Editor

  • Provides facility to instructor to design the SCORM compliant learning path template based on learner’s prior knowledge and learning style
  • Provision for instructor/expert to add and modify the e-Learning activities like quizzes, examples and/or case studies within template, specific to the group identified
  • Leads to the creation of personalized learning path template comprising of learning content and activities

Personalized Content and Activity Delivery

  • Takes the SCORM compliant learning path template assigned for learners
  • Use Run Time Environment (RTE), to deliver and track the learners’ activities according to SCORM complaint learning path template

Adaptive Assessment

  • Pre, Formative and Summative Assessments
  • Formative assessment using Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)
  • Summative assessment using Computerized Classification Testing (CCT)
  • Question Repository conforming to standards (IMS QTI)

Query Handler with semantic web technology

  • Query Handler capable of semantically identifying the queries and supervised with expert rating mechanism
  • Ontology editor provides facility to create subject specific ontologies with help of experts
  • Provides assistance to instructors for replying the queries with additional multimedia support from web

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