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Computer Aided Design & Training Centre

Setting up Computer Aided Design & Training Centre for Weavers/Artisans of Gangtok,Imphal & Aizal

Duration: 3 Years (Start Date: September 2008, Completion Date: August 2011)

Objective and brief description:

Due to Globalization and Trade Liberalization, Indian Farmers, Artisans and common mass need to be empowered with internalized skills and experienced of everyday-usage of state-of-the-art innovations in IT to remain globally competitive.

For this project, the physical infrastructure like Secured building, electricity, necessary out-lets, Power lines, and other related support would be provided by the district authorities of respective zone in North Eastern State. Computers, Software and accessories will be delivered by C-DAC, under this project.

C-DAC will develop a batch of Master Trainer (Batch Size 20 students) from artisans / weavers of local areas, nominated by the District Administration followed by C-DAC�s selection procedure. They would be trained under the project for duration of Six months. The developed master Trainer can be divided in two groups; one group maintaining the regular Design Training to the other Weavers/Artisans of the respective areas and another group will create new innovative Design for the producers with certain cost for sustainable maintenance of the CAD centre with suitable income generation.

Major objectives of the project are:

Present Status: Ongoing