ICT Solutions for Social Development

Due to Globalization and Trade Liberalization, Indian Weavers, Artisans and common mass need to be empowered with internalized skills and experience of everyday usage of state-of-the-art innovations in IT to remain Globally competitive. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Centre has been established with an aim to create innovative IT Based Design Development and Deployment for Carpet, Handloom and Handicraft products with up-gradation of Skills of the Weavers/Artisans with state-of-the art IT-based Tools & Techniques using simplest methodology so that they are e-enabled to respond to fast changing Global needs. Through this activity, the aim is to provide IT-enabled services for Social Empowerment through IT in rural hinterland of West Bengal & North Eastern Region.

Educational Content is also created under Sarva Siksha Mission Program as per the Syllabus of "School of Secondary Education" Government of West Bengal, for the emerging needs for focused initiative for dissemination of multi-ferrous benefits of IT to the School Student, which may effectively help for preparation of Computer Aided Learning material during classroom lecture session.

Capacity Building Initiatives / Training Program by C-DAC, Kolkata for Women Empowerment:

Capacity Building for Empowerment of Local Youth / SHGs of West Bengal & North Eastern Region of India is yet another activity the aim of which is -

  • Establishment of IT Based Resource Centres for local Empowerment.
  • Development of Self-Teaching Training Software on IT literacy and Courseware for IT Awareness in Local Vernacular Languages,(i.e. in Nepali, Manipuri, Mizo etc.).
  • Development of Batches of Master Trainers for Teaching Functional IT for Sustainable Employment Generation in their respective Localities.
  • Empowerment of grass-root people (Specially, women & SHG members) with IT Literacy Program by those trained Master Trainer.
  • Employment generation through training program and also to support IT Enabled Services of Local Government like Data Entry and Management, Hardware Maintenance, Maintenance of E-Gov. activities & CSCs etc.

IT based Computer Aided Design (CAD) Centre for Creative Design & Development by Artisans / Weavers of North Easter Region:

The objective of this project is to develop a high-end Computer Aided Design Centre for Weavers / Artisans in Carpet & Handloom Industry in the States of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh & Tripura. C-DAC, Kolkata formulated a Methodology with proper Software Solution to address the issues for retaining work force of Weavers / Artisans community who were unable to survive stiff competition due to globalization and trade liberalization in the advanced age of Information Technology. It came as a boon for the handloom and handicrafts of these states who were helped to enable their community to save age old traditional styles without the fear of losing the tradition or the fear of new overriding old. Keeping in mind the literacy level of rural Weavers / Artisans, C-DAC Kolkata has developed Software Solution for Jacquard Card Punching Calculation and for taking custom graph printout of any design with fixed aspect ratio. The software solution simplifies the whole designing process for easy deployment. With the help of these tools and techniques, the Weavers/Artisans/SHGs are enabled to efficiently create innovative designs with higher productivity. Developing Motif Bank is also one of the important objectives of this project.

Aim of the project is to :-

  • Reach out to the Craftsmen and Women who had the Skills but lacked ICT tools training to perform using PC.
  • Help them expertise their Innovative Sense of design and link with the ICT enabled modern tools.
  • Create a pool of Master Trainers so that they imbibe the same to others in the community and enhance their earning potential.
  • Develop a Motif Bank of Carpet & Handloom Designs.

Achievements so far :-

  • Previously focus of weavers / artisans was on traditional designs but now they are producing new and modern design for Carpet & Handloom Industry.
  • After developing CAD Centre, there is an increase in revenue generation.
  • Creation of new design has been increased by 50%.
  • Master Trainers of CAD Centre are imparting training to interested local youths with the intention to give them employment in DHH or to enable them to get self-employed.
  • Computer literacy has made designing easier and time consumed is reduced by 50%.
  • Motif bank for Carpet & Handloom has been of immense help in new design formulation.
  • Seventy Three Master Trainers were trained and they created more than 500 motifs during the project period.

Awards :-

  • This project has won the e-NorthEast 2011 Award in the category of ICT in Livelihood & Enterprise Promotion. The same project also got Certificate of Excellence Award at Sikitex 2010 from Govt. of Sikkim.

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