Software Technologies Products / Project deliverables

D-World - Web based Multimodal Content Management System.

  • C-DAC, Kolkata has developed D-World - Web based Multimodal Content Management System. It is a open digital object archival & retrieval software (having compliance to OAIS) which preserves and enables user-friendly access to all types of digital objects including books, text, images, audio, video & data sets.... more

eFlora of India for Botanical Survey of India, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India.

  • C-DAC, Kolkata has developed the web-based Knowledge Management Tool capturing vast knowledge base of taxonomic and floristic research data of bio-diversity domain from publication and transforming them into structured data following the hierarchy of plant kingdom..... more

Web-based Integrated Office Automation System.

  • C-DAC, Kolkata has developed a tailor made, low cost, web based ERP workflow solution integrating all the departments following the rules & norms of Central Government of India in order to achieve automated office environment. The solution offers process re-engineering that are applied at various process levels wherever necessary ensuring accountability of uncompleted tasks...... more

eArchive-A Knowledge Discovery Modal

  • C-DAC, Kolkata has developed a web based knowledge discovery solution which archives digitally preserved text content either digitized or born digital. It has a simple knowledge building module which creates the repository of knowledge base..... more