Quality Assurance Analytics Tool for E-Learning

e-Learning is now catching up resulting in proliferation of a large number of learning managemnt systems. Quality assurance of these systems and the content hosted is done on a very informal basis. Formal frameworks do not exist for evaluating the quality of the tools and the content. The identification and quantification of various quality metrics for e-Learning environment is an area of reaseach in e-Learning

Quality Aspects

  • Operational Characteristics
  • Transition Characteristics
  • Revision Characteristics

Quality Parameter

  • Accessiblity
  • Performance
  • Content Re-Usability & Portability
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Standards Compliance


The QA framework is built on web service based architecture to facilitate enhancements to the quality evaluation approach. Each quality evaluation approach is implemented as a web service and presentation layer is maintained seperately for report generation purpose.

Evaluation Architecture :


  • Web Service Architecture
  • Platform Independent
  • Database Independent
  • Standards Conformance Evaluation
  • Evaluation Management
  • Grade based Analysis
  • Analytical Reports
  • Executive Summary

User Roles :


  • User Management
  • Privilige Management
  • System Configuration Set-up
  • Test Case Formation
  • URL Recording
  • Assign Test to Quality Analyzer
  • Approve Summary Report

Quality Analyzer

  • Specify Test case Requirements
  • Initiate Test case
  • Select Evaluators
  • Prepare Analytical Report


  • Visit Recorded URLs
  • Semi automated Evaluation
  • Rating of URLs