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Computational Genomics

Since the advent of the next generation sequencing technology, computational biology has undergone a paradigm shift. The world of genomics has undergone a revolution and their effects are becoming increasingly widespread, with the exponential rise in data. Challenges in the modern era of computational biology have shifted focus from data generation to data analysis. Huge amounts of raw data needs to be pre-processed, assayed and integrated with existing expertise through the use of diverse sets of software tools, models and databases.

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Biomolecular Simulations

The research in structural biology has accelerated to a large extent with the advent of multiple sequencing projects. The availability of huge amount of sequence data has increased the need for the implementation of different structural biology techniques. Biomolecular simulations involve in-silico techniques that examine the structural data obtained from experimental techniques. The group has gained experience in advanced simulation techniques like Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics (REMD), Coarse Grained Molecular Dynamics (CGMD) and Classical MD. The group works in the following areas. Some of these works have also been published in international peer-reviewed journals.

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