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R&D and Products in the area of Information Extraction & Retrieval Quester: Natural based Information Extraction and Language Processing Retrieval System

In order to improve search result precision through semantic search, C-DAC has put its efforts in developing the Quester technology, a NLP based Information Retrieval System capable of retrieving information based on a combination of keyword and conceptual matching which uses domain defined Ontology. It is a knowledge based Information Retrieval (IR) system with the following features:

  • NLP based Query Processing using
    1. Syntactic Parsing
    2. Semantic Roles using Semantic Representations
    3. Semantic-net and Knowledge-net for establishing information relation
    4. Anaphora Resolution/ Co-referencing to link the pertinent portions of discourse with references for meaning coherence.
  • Text Processing & Tagging based on
    1. Syntactic Parsing
    2. Semantic Role Labeling
    3. Named Entity Recognition
    4. Anaphora Resolution /Co-referencing
  • Retrieval of query results through NLP based Retrieval Engine
    1. Ranking/Sorting of retrieved results according to semantic relevancy in accordance to query
    2. Churning out sentential level or paragraph level retrieval of information


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