SARANSHAK- the Semantic Multi-Document Summarizer

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SARANSHAK- the Semantic Multi-Document Summarizer

The group has also been working on Natural Language Processing based SARANSHAK- the Semantic Multi-Document Summarizer which is based on semantic gradation of pre-defined concepts or percentage of user-selected document(s) within user-defined parameters. The Summarizer is configured to undertakeexhaustive ontology creation for semantic derivation of user defined concepts/lexicon and their semantic gradation.

  • Semantic-gradation of user provided concepts and topical data relevant to user domain.
  • It enables selecting document(s) at a given time and collating and summarizing their results.
  • Summary can be achieved either on given user defined concept(s) or selected percentage or even a combination of both concepts and percentage.
  • Summarizer can be plugged in with different other applications like NLP based Meta-Search engine, Cross-lingual Information Retrieval System etc.


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