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C-DAC develops new advanced traffic management system: Four cities likely to implement it soon January 07, 2018
C-DAC develops ‘smart’ hybrid traffic system January 08, 2018
C-DAC Takes A Giant Leap January 08, 2018
डिजिटायझिंग लाइफवर सी-डॅक मध्ये कार्यशाळा (Content in Marathi) जनवरी 08, 2018
औषधोपचारांसाठी सी-डॅकचे संशोधन (Content in Marathi) जनवरी 08, 2018
Big Data and supercomputing to help C-DAC standardize ayurveda January 22, 2018
Now, smart museums to give 'virtual' tours and 3D view of rare artifacts Febuary 15, 2018
Goa govt ready to install supercomputers in colleges: Khaunte Febuary 15, 2018
C-DAC launches PARAM Shavak-VR supercomputer in Goa Febuary 15, 2018
Goa to explore installing supercomputers in colleges Febuary 16, 2018
Colleges in Goa may have supercomputers Febuary 16, 2018
कॉलेजात सुपर कॉम्पुटर साठी सीडॅकशी भागीदारी (Content in Marathi) फरवरी 16, 2018
गोंयांत गुंतवणूकेक पोशक वातावरण निर्माण करपाची गरज : रोहन खंवटे (Content in Marathi) फरवरी 16, 2018
आयटीचा वापर करून रोजगारासह महसूल वाढीसाठी प्रयत्न : मंत्री खंवटे (Content in Marathi) फरवरी 16, 2018
महाविद्यालयांमध्ये आता 'सुपर कॉम्पुटर' (Content in Marathi) फरवरी 16, 2018
आयटी उद्योगाला ऊर्जितावस्था आणू (Content in Marathi) फरवरी 16, 2018
सीडॅकच्या शावक व्हीआरचे अनावरण (Content in Marathi) फरवरी 16, 2018
आयटी धोरण गुंतवणूकदारांना आकृष्ट करणारे : खंवटे (Content in Marathi) फरवरी 16, 2018
C-DAC introduces Goa to compact supercomputing solution Febuary 16, 2018
With supercomputing tools, C-DAC to focus on cancer research Febuary 17, 2018
We are prepared to handhold the Goan user community Febuary 19, 2018
Govt ready to install supercomps in colleges Febuary 19, 2018
National Virtual Library of India: C-DAC spearheads massive virtual library project March 5, 2018
Judiciary taps C-DAC for dealing electronic evidencet March 12, 2018
डिजिटाल रिपाझिटरी ची गरज (Content in Marathi) March 13, 2018
C-DAC tools to help admit e-proof in court March 14, 2018
डिजिटल बोर्ड आणि संवादासाठी 'तारा' (Content in Marathi) March 18, 2018
परम महासंगणक विधापीठ आवारात ठेवावा (Content in Marathi) March 18, 2018
C-DAC set to collaborate with private players to develop IT solutions, products March 18, 2018
Supercomputer should stay with SPPU, says Karmalkar March 18, 2018
C-DAC to join hands with private companies to design IT solutions March 18, 2018
C-DAC develops low cost electronic boards for India March 18, 2018
Integrated emergency response system in Arunachal soon July 3, 2018
Vikaspedia knowledge portal: Kerala's next target is total digitisation July 9, 2018
Seminar to focus on cyber crimes, emerging threats in IT July 23, 2018
Round-the-clock MVD vehicle tracking platform October 16, 2018