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siddhi serverPARAM Siddhi-AI system, at C-DAC is aimed to serve as AI / HPC specific Cloud Computing Infrastructure for INDIA subsuming academia, R&D institutes and start-ups. The system is a centralized facility to ensure increased accessibility and utilization as well as ability to support large scale and more diverse R&D projects in the AI and HPC domains and is dedicated to address India Specific Real-Life Problems

The facility would also enable storing of India's massive data sets from areas like healthcare, agriculture locally in a high throughput and efficient storage.

The use cases for PARAM Siddhi-AI system varies from Big Data Analytics to specialized AI / HPC solutions across multiple domains viz. Healthcare (precision diagnostics, non-invasive diagnostics etc.), Agriculture (precision agriculture, crop infestations, advanced agronomic advisory etc.), weather forecasting, security and surveillance, financial inclusion and other services (fraud detection), infrastructural tools i.e. NLP etc.


National PARAM Supercomputing Facility (NPSF)
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
C-DAC Innovation Park, Panchawati,
Pashan, Pune - 411 008