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Charging Policy

Usage Charges
Only registered users can use the NPSF resources. A registered user is referred to as an Affiliate. For this, the prospective user/affiliate has to fill up the account request form. The form is to be filled out for every single project that the prospective affiliate wants to register for using NPSF resources. The charges for the usage of different resources are given below.

Registration Fees
To use the HPC resources at NPSF, every project needs to get registered for a minimum period of one quarter (3 months). The registration charges cover an account for the CI and up to 5 user accounts including that of the Chief Investigator (CI) of the project. Also, the charges are applicable for the period of maximum of 1 year. That is, even if a user wishes to use the system for a few days, he/she will have to register for at least a quarter and pay the 1-year registration charges. Renewal of project after expiry, or after completion of a year, will be charged as stated above.

Compute Usage charges
The utilization for CPU Core is measured and charged on minute basis. The GPUs / Other Accelerator consumed will be charged in accelerator hours, i.e., number of hours of accelerator being used.

Storage Usage Charges
All HPC systems at NPSF are provisioned with high-bandwidth shared storage for use by users to keep their programs and data. There is a default quota allocated to each project that can be consumed. An additional requirement of storage will be charged extra on monthly basis and in the storage, units prescribed for each system. It is to be noted that as opposed to compute resources, charges for storage are calculated on allocation (quota) and not on consumption measured. There would be variations in charges for multiple different types of storage depending upon their performance parameters.

Priority Allocation and Usage
Users requiring the compute nodes in dedicated mode will be given priority over others, to allow jobs to go for execution as soon as the required resources are available. However, such priority allocations and usage will attract additional charges over and above that of non-priority (regular) usage. It is to be noted that priority allocation does not guarantee job execution immediately after submission and is limited to advancing the job's priority to order it at the beginning of the queue.

Consultation Charges
Consultation of C-DAC members towards usage of NPSF and on the specific user problem will be available at no cost to the user up to the initial one working day or equivalent. If an Affiliate requires consultancy of C-DAC members beyond this, separate charges will be applicable and these will be charged per support call on case-to-case basis.


  • NPSF employs differential charging policy to the Affiliates from 1) Government R&D and academic institutions, 2) Industries/startups/MSME.
  • Charges for any special type of usage or situation not mentioned in this document will be decided on a case-to-case basis by C-DAC.
  • Charges will be communicated to prospective users based on their requirements

AIRAWAT PSAI Usage Charges

  GPU Charges (NVIDIA A100) StorageCharges RegistrationCharges
Type of Organization GPU Hourly(INR/GPU/Hr) 1 Month Reserved 3 Month Reserved 6 Month Reserved 12 Month Reserved One Month One Year
R&D Govt./ Academia/PSU/ Startup 1xA100 Rs.160 Rs.70,080
Rs.96 per hour (40% discount)
Rs.92.8 per hour (42% discount)
Rs.88 per hour (45% discount)
Rs.80 per hour (50% discount)
Allocation of 1 TB @ Rs Rs.350 per month Rs.30,000
Industry 1xA100 Rs.170 Rs.74,460 Rs.102 per hour (40% discount) Rs.2,15,934
Rs.98.6 per hour (42% discount)
Rs.93.5 per hour (45% discount)
Rs.85 per hour (50% discount)
Allocation of 1 TB @ Rs Rs.350 per month Rs.30,000

Technical Support Charges: Rs. 5000/- per call (L2 or L3 Support from C-DAC team)


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