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Facilities such as NPSF have to run with the highest uptime and adequate technical support to provide a quality service to their users. This requires appropriate power back-up with UPS and DG sets and spares for technical resources all the time. Also, system administration and technical consultancy support are an integral part of running such a facility. Keeping in view the practice followed worldwide, a scheme, called the Technical Affiliation Scheme, is introduced with an express objective of encouraging the potential users of high-performance computing resources in a cost-effective way and providing a state-of-the-art technically congenial environment to the researchers in the NPSF.

This scheme is introduced to provide supercomputing facility to various industries as well as academic and R&D Institutions to process their diverse applications, which require supercomputing power. For a long time, it has not been economically viable for the industry and academic/R&D institutions to use High Performance Supercomputers.

This scheme is a step in the direction to address this problem by providing state-of-the-art "PARAM" systems to the users. For this, any interested user has to get enrolled as a Technical Affiliate of NPSF in order to use the computing resources of this facility. They can then use NPSF resources after agreeing to the terms and conditions for using the AIRAWAT-PSAI system at NPSF.

Interested user should visit the URL: https://npsf.cdac.in/tas/ for requesting the system access. OR they can send e-mail to npsf-outreach[at]cdac[dot]in.


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