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C-DAC Pune will develop supercomputers by 2018 January 3
जनुकांच्या संशोधनासाठी डेपिक्ट (Content in Marathi) जनवरी 17
मधुमेह, कर्करोगावर मिळणार अचूक औषध (Content in Marathi) जनवरी 17
UNDERSTANDING DISEASE & THERAPY - C-DAC's indigenous tools for personalized, preventive cure January 17
'एचपीसी' सठी नवे अभ्यासक्रम (Content in Marathi) फरवरी 10
COURSE IN 29 INSTITUTES - MTech in supercomputing next session February 14
जवानांच्या टपाली मतांसाठी यंत्रणा (Content in Marathi) फरवरी 16
NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY - CDAC's free technology to assist disabled February 28
PROPOSAL WITH MINISTRY - CDAC working on EVMs for voting from any place March 15
प्रगत ईव्हीएमसाठी सी-डॅक चा पुढाकार (Content in Marathi) मार्च 15
Next-gen EVMs on cards March 15
प्रगत ईव्हीएमसाठी सी-डॅक चा पुढाकार (Content in Marathi) मार्च 15
Next-gen EVMs on cards March 15
सी-डॅक चे बळ डिजिटल इंडिया ला (Content in Marathi) मार्च 15
C-DAC launches four new tools on their 30th foundation day March 28
Mind your words online, Big Brother will be watching March 28
सोशल मिडियावर ई विदुर प्रणालीची नजर (Content in Marathi) मार्च 28
औषधांचे नवे उपयोग शोधण्यासाठी संगणकप्रणाली (Content in Marathi) मार्च 28
सी-डॅक महासंचालकपदी देवाशिष दत्ता (Content in Marathi) मार्च 28
'सी-डॅक' कडून ई विदूरची निर्मिती (Content in Marathi) मार्च 28
Soon, a software to analyse social media posts March 28
C-DAC showcases new tech products March 29
खगोलशास्त्राला हवा सुपरकम्प्युटर (Content in Marathi) मार्च 30
मौल्यवान डेटा सुरक्षित ठेवा (Content in Marathi) अप्रैल 7
TYPING TOOLS, FONTS, E-BOOKS - CDAC releases digital products to mark golden jubilee of Sindhi Bhasha Diwas April 11
Software, e-book in Sindhi launched April 11
e-book for Sindhi launched released April 11
C-DAC opens a centre to keep born-digital data safe April 11
A digital boost for the preservation of Sindhi April 11
सिंधी शिकण्यासठी सॉफ़्टवेअर टूल्स (Content in Marathi) अप्रैल 11
सिंधी साठी सी-डॅकचा पुढाकार (Content in Marathi) अप्रैल 13
सोशल मीडिया वरील माहितीचे भावनिक विश्लेषण (Content in Marathi) अप्रैल 13
परम साठी गुजरातची बाजी (Content in Marathi) जुलाई 31
Linking rivers not the same as linking roads, warns water activist Rajendra Singh September 16
Odisha Governor inaugurates Super Computing Facilities for Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT) October 24
Governor Inaugurates Super Computing Facilities For VSSUT October 24
Governor unveils supercomputing facility at VSSUT October 24
Super computer facility at VSSUT October 24
Jamir inaugurates October 25
Expect home-grown supercomp in a year September 03
Replaced by Devanagari & almost forgotten, ancient Modi script finally goes digital October 26
Captured in 2 petabytes, 23,000 hours of beloved music, dance and cultural pieces October 26